Logistics & Customer Services


Logistics and services

Here too we have more to offer.


A company that is looking for long-term, sustainable growth must think and act internationally – in design, in sales, in service and in logistics.


  • 17.000 m² storage area

  • 4.000 pallet places

  • 150.000 hanging parts

  • Total storage capacity: 1.000.000 Teile

  • Labeling

  • Warehousing

  • Incoming goods 2 business days after ship arriving

  • Packaging and distribution

  • Value added services

  • Returns management

  • Quality inspection

  • NOS Handling

  • RFID technology

  • Import processing

  • Sorting and picking

  • Multichannel services

  • Processing

“Wherever our customers are in the world, we are available to them and guarantee delivery as quickly as is realistically possible.”

Julia Körner (Customer Service NAGANO)

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Global Fashion


Here and now.


17,000 m2 warehousing space at various locations, 4,000 palette spaces, room for 150,000 hanging garments – OSPIG Textil Logistik GmbH is all but ready. On top of this incredible capacity, this strategically-located warehouse is in the perfect place for supplying goods in record time.
Thanks to the proximity of Bremen airport and the ports in Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven we will not lose any time with extra little detours. Valuable hours – sometimes even days – are saved on our imports thanks to our own, in-house customs department. As a rule, Goods In can accept the items within 2 working days of the ship docking at the port.

Value-added service


The most beautiful fashion is nothing without professional services.

It goes without saying that collections are sold based on their look, their cut and their high-quality finishing. But even the most perfect fashion item is nothing without the professional services which bring it quickly, efficiently and reliably on to the market. Value Added Services, Multi Channel Services, Returns Management – the OSPIG Group offers its customers a variety of services with extra added value.
As and when required, we can offer our partners quality checking, sorting and labelling of their goods. If preparation, picking, NOS handling, packing or fine distribution is required, we are more than happy to be of assistance – also in promoting RFID technology.

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