Fashion is a question of taste, sustainability of a good company.

For the OSPIG Group, sustainability is an essential component of long-standing added value. This is precisely why we protect the environment and are consciously investing in the well-being of our employees.

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Because humanity is close to our heart.

“We are not just seen as an employee, but also as a person.”

Adeeva, Baligha & Farha (Bangladesch)

Medical care guaranteed. Once a week doctors are on site.

Working time, labor law and labor security are a key issue for us.

“It is reassuring to know that my employer has taken my rights and interests into consideration.”

Chao-Xing (China)


As a company that manufactures its own products, we have the opportunity to control the working conditions in production. We can be sure that every single member of staff is employed in full compliance with the employment laws of their land.
We can guarantee that they are fairly paid and treated with respect. It is in our hands to support the individual and to train the workforce – e.g. with health and safety training.


All OSPIG operations are listed on the BSCI – the Business Social Compliance Initiative – and have signed the corresponding Code of Conduct. Both operations in Bangladesh are also listed on ACCORD (on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh).
In addition to this, our own in-house Sustainability Management department constantly monitors the working and production conditions in all of our operations – in addition to the regular audits carried out by the BSCI and other testing authorities. We also operate according to the strict regulations of C&A / SSC, and many of our other private label customers.

Business Social Compliance Initiative


The Business Social Compliance Initiative is a consortium of European companies whose aim is to ensure fair working conditions across the entire global supply chain.Within their remit as members of the BSCI, OSPIG GmbH & Co. KG is obliged to ensure that the BSCI Code of Conduct is implemented and upheld in all of their operations.

Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh


The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh is primarily concerned with safety and fire prevention in the factories in Bangladesh. It is a legally-binding agreement between the international trade unions IndustriALL and UNI Global, trade unions in Bangladesh and international brands.




Our basis for sustainable change.



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Sustainability in the textile industry starts long before clothing is made, washed, or colored. It is the selection of the right kind of yard goods that forms the starting point for collections which are as beneficial to nature as they are to the customer’s well-being.



This is why the OSPIG group is increasingly frequently opting for certified yard goods. Our factory in Bangladesh is also a member of the BCI – the “Better Cotton Initiative”. Where down and feathers are concerned, we are focusing on ensuring that they are sourced and produced in line with the “Responsible Down Standards”.
The objective of the non-profit organization “Better Cotton Initiative” is to improve the environment and social conditions surrounding global cotton cultivation.


The “Responsible Down Standard” ensures the exclusive use of down and feathers from geese and ducks that are kept appropriately for their species.

Confidence in Textiles” is a label only attached to goods that meet the high standards of the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 – an independent monitoring and certification system for ensuring materials are free from harmful substances.

The OCS standard documents the use of certified bio-cotton. An independent supervisory body guarantees that the use of the organic material remains sustainable throughout the entire production process.



Building security, fire protection and manufacturing.




Both sites in Bangladesh were checked for their safety by German structural engineers. The new building in Vietnam was also supervised throughout the build by a German structural engineer.
We ensure that regular fire training takes place and train certain staff specifically to provide first aid and to answer safety-related or fire prevention questions.
How seriously we take the subject of sustainability can be seen clearly in Bangladesh and Vietnam. Sewage treatment plants have been installed in the factories to ensure that the environment is not adver-sely affected by the colours and the washes the textiles are subjected to. A large proportion of ozone-washing machines in our factories ensure, in addition, that the washing processes are particularly environmentally friendly.
In Vietnam, we are already using 100% LED lighting. In all other locations we are currently in the process of replacing the existing lighting systems with LED ones.


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