The OSPIG Group

What we believe. And what we are proud of.

At the OSPIG Group, we believe that trends are established on quality. As a family-led company we believe that you can achieve more through patient years of experience than you can by jumping on the bandwagon of every new development in fashion. And we are certain that, in business, nothing is more important than character, conviction and conduct.
Within the scope of our capabilities we aim to change the world of fashion. We want to make it fairer, more sustainable and more responsible. For us, respecting our staff and the sustainable use of resources are just two of many core issues. High social and ecological standards have also long been our reality.
We believe that our uncompromising approach enables us to do the right thing and act in the spirit of the owners Peter Jasching and Hans-Hermann Ahlers. We will always remain true to ourselves and not deviate from our promises of quality by even the smallest of margins. For ultimately, alongside our creativity and high fashion, precision and reliability are our trademarks.
We are obliged to remain true to that which reflects what we are: a global player who, as a family company, has the privilege of being able to write our own laws, with the aim of securing the long-term success of our venture, above all in consideration of our employees, customers and partners.


Through full control of the production, we are able to ensure lasting innovation and quality.


PADDOCK'S, redpoint, S4 Jackets and Nagano are the creative sign of the OSPIG Group.


No compromises: We work everywhere according to German standards to achieve perfect results.

Logistics & Service

A company that wants to grow in the long term must think and act internationally.


As a creative supplier, we adapt to every requirement and offer custom-made solutions.


We protect the environment, take care of resources and invest consciously in our employees.


A constant in the world of fashion. For over 70 years.

  • Founding


    OSPIG GmbH & Co.KG started out life as the Oldenburger Spinnstoffgesellschaft (Oldenburg Textile Company), founded by the brothers Adolf and Wilhelm Ahlers.

  • New Home


    When the company moved to Bremen, it was able to profit from its new proximity to the ports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven.

  • PADDOCK'S: Denim made in Germany


    PADDOCK‘S, the jeans brand, celebrates its première with denim fashion made in Germany.

  • Location opening in Asia


    The OSPIG Group opened its own office in Hong Kong. Later came subsidiaries in Shanghai and Hanoi.

  • Own Factories


    Everything is always produced in the company‘s own factories to ensure the highest of quality standards.

  • redpoint


    Redpoint complements the OSPIG Portfolio with a sports wear label.

  • S4 Jackets


    As a part of the OSPIG Group, S4 brings an element of urban lifestyle into the wardrobes of fashion-conscious men.



    The street wear label NAGANO completes the brand family whilst countering every argument that the company is staid and dull.

  • Today

    When it comes to jeans and casual clothing, the OSPIG Group, with offices in Bremen and Hong Kong, is a global player. Over 6,000 employees produce more than 10 million items each year across 5 production sites. Shareholders of the family company are Hans-Hermann Ahlers, Peter Jasching and Thomas Köning.

Quality and Durability

 Trends, which never go out of fashion for us.

As a family company, the OSPIG Group prides itself on traditional, healthy growth. We think globally and are always working towards improving our market position, but not at any cost. Quality and reliability are just as important to us as economic success – ideals that are as important to our collections as they are to our company strategy.
Our driving aim is to produce fashion that exceeds even our highest expectations. This is why we started using our own production sites in the 80s; and which we still use today for sewing, washing and refining products for our own brands as well as for other well-known, international, premium brands and for the private labels of various key account customers across the globe.

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