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Through full control of the production, we are able to ensure lasting innovation and quality.


PADDOCK'S, redpoint, S4 Jackets and Nagano are the creative sign of the OSPIG Group.


No compromises: We work everywhere according to German standards to achieve perfect results.

Logistics & Service

A company that wants to grow in the long term must think and act internationally.


As a creative supplier, we adapt to every requirement and offer custom-made solutions.


We protect the environment, take care of resources and invest consciously in our employees.

Your apparel manufacturer


From the creation of the design, to the labeling and the production in the own factories:

We support you from the idea through the implementation to the delivery of the clothing in your warehouse.


Development & Design

A reliable specialist for brands and private labels.

Production in own factories

Production with the highest social and environmental standards.

Logistics & Customer Service

Transport, storage, packaging or other value added services: In these areas too we have more to offer.

Are you looking for an apparel manufacturer?

We design, produce, ship and store all kind of jackets and pants for ladies', men's and boys' outerwear. Please contact our support team for more information...


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